Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Score 17-07

It was the first warm night in a long time with the temperature at 10.00pm hovering around 18°C. Earlier in the evening I put out three traps in strategic positions around the garden. Not wishing to miss anything I did a few early patrols (Trent style) up until around 11.30pm.
I very rarely patrol at this time of year, as it is usually quite late before anything turns up. But this turned out to be an exceptional night with sizeable amounts turning up shortly after dark. Twenty new moths for the year (10 macro, 10 micro) and in that, four were new for the garden! It's been a long time since that's happened, I'm lucky to get one nowadays. 
I ended up with a record breaking 294 of 88 species..........however, I won't be attempting this too often as it takes absolutely ages to process!

Garden First.

 Small Fan-footed Wave
Garden First.

 Mere Waiscot
Not shown in books, a good way to separate this from Small Wainscot is the spiky hairdo!


 Eyed Hawk-moth

 White Satin

 724 Metzneria lappella
Garden First.

 1201 Eucosma cana
Garden First.

 1380 Phlyctaenia perlucidalis

 1086 Hedya salicella

Upper Caldecote Garden- 3 traps- 294 of 88 species-

0161    Zeuzera pyrina Leopard Moth 1    NFY
0216    Nemapogon cloacella Cork Moth 1    NFY
0441    Paraswammerdamia nebulella
0450    Scythropia crataegella Hawthorn Moth 2    NFY
0647    Hofmannophila pseudospretella Brown House-moth 3
0724    Metzneria lappella
1    NFG
0787    Bryotropha terrella
0898    Limnaecia phragmitella
1    NFY
0905    Blastodacna hellerella
0970    Pandemis cerasana Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix 1
0972    Pandemis heparana Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix 1    NFY
0977    Archips podana Large Fruit-tree Tortrix 1
1001    Lozotaeniodes formosanus
1020    Cnephasia sp.
1036    Acleris forsskaleana
1    NFY
1063    Celypha striana
1083    Hedya nubiferana Marbled Orchard Tortrix 1
1086    Hedya salicella
1    NFY
1201    Eucosma cana
1    NFG
1261    Cydia pomonella Codling Moth 1
1293    Chrysoteuchia culmella
1294    Crambus pascuella
1302    Crambus perlella
1331    Acentria ephemerella Water Veneer 3
1334    Scoparia ambigualis
1338    Dipleurina lacustrata
1375    Ostrinia nubilalis European Corn-borer 1    NFY
1376    Eurrhypara hortulata Small Magpie 1
1380    Phlyctaenia perlucidalis
1    NFY
1413    Hypsopygia costalis Gold Triangle 4
1424    Endotricha flammealis
1428    Aphomia sociella Bee Moth 2
1474    Ephestia parasitella unicolorella
1513    Pterophorus pentadactyla White Plume Moth 1
1524    Emmelina monodactyla
1651    Cilix glaucata Chinese Character 1
1669    Hemithea aestivaria Common Emerald 1
1699    Idaea rusticata Least Carpet 2
1702    Idaea biselata Small Fan-footed Wave 1    NFG
1705    Idaea fuscovenosa Dwarf Cream Wave 2
1708    Idaea dimidiata Single-dotted Wave 1
1713    Idaea aversata Riband Wave 2
1728    Xanthorhoe fluctuata Garden Carpet 1
1732    Scotopteryx chenopodiata Shaded Broad-bar 1
1782    Horisme tersata Fern 1    NFG
1803    Perizoma alchemillata Small Rivulet 1    NFY
1830    Eupithecia absinthiata Wormwood Pug 1
1834    Eupithecia vulgata Common Pug 1
1837    Eupithecia subfuscata Grey Pug 2
1858    Chloroclystis v-ata V-Pug 2
1887    Lomaspilis marginata Clouded Border 1
1888    Ligdia adustata Scorched Carpet 1    NFY
1921    Crocallis elinguaria Scalloped Oak 2
1922    Ourapteryx sambucaria Swallow-tailed Moth 2
1937    Peribatodes rhomboidaria Willow Beauty 2
1941    Alcis repandata Mottled Beauty 1
1976    Sphinx ligustri Privet Hawk-moth 3
1980    Smerinthus ocellata Eyed Hawk-moth 1    NFY
2031    Leucoma salicis White Satin 1    NFY
2047    Eilema complana Scarce Footman 2
2050    Eilema lurideola Common Footman 6
2061    Spilosoma luteum Buff Ermine 4
2088    Agrotis clavis Heart and Club 2
2089    Agrotis exclamationis Heart and Dart 3
2098    Axylia putris Flame 4
2107    Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing 20
2109    Noctua comes Lesser Yellow Underwing 9
2110    Noctua fimbriata Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 6
2128    Xestia triangulum Double Square-spot 5
2155    Melanchra persicariae Dot Moth 3
2160    Lacanobia oleracea Bright-line Brown-eye 1
2173    Hadena bicruris Lychnis 1    NFY
2192    Mythimna conigera Brown-line Bright Eye 2
2193    Mythimna ferrago Clay 2
2198    Mythimna impura Smoky Wainscot 3
2199    Mythimna pallens Common Wainscot 1
2279    Acronicta aceris Sycamore 1
2280    Acronicta leporina Miller 1    NFY
2284    Acronicta psi Grey Dagger 2    agg.
2318    Cosmia trapezina Dun-bar 1
2321    Apamea monoglypha Dark Arches 26
2322    Apamea lithoxylaea Light Arches 2
2343    Mesapamea secalis Common Rustic 4    agg.
2349    Chortodes fluxa Mere Wainscot 1    NFY
2381    Hoplodrina alsines Uncertain 23
2387    Caradrina morpheus Mottled Rustic 1
2389    Paradrina clavipalpis Pale Mottled Willow 1
2477    Hypena proboscidalis Snout 2


  1. Fern is a nice distinctive moth, get a few down here. Five on your list last night would have been NFG for me though. Need Sm FF Wave, Dwarf Cream Wave, Shaded BB, White Satin and Mere Wainscot. All six of my NFG have been noctuids, maybe I need to patrol to get some of the softer stuff which flaps around the trap rather than dives in...

  2. I'm really surprised you don't get Dwarf Cream Wave- they seem to be one of the most common in this neck of the woods.................

  3. Hi Matt, a good catch there. I'm surprised at Cana and Small FF Wave being new for the garden, both are very common up here, though in smaller numbers this year. I also thought you would have had larger catches, you get many more species than me.

    Cheers Stewart

  4. Hi Stewart, Cana really is a mystery- as I'm sure I haven't overlooked it. S F-f Wave seems to be more of a Woodland species in VC30, I do catch a few in Home Wood only two miles away.
    There is probably two reasons for my lower numbers. Firstly I only use Actinic/Black Light Blue in Skinner traps and according to research than can affect your catch by up to 40%. Skinners don't retain as much as Robinsons either.
    I am also in a relatively suburban area; although I live in a village- I'm in the middle of it! I'm sure I would get more if on the outskirts. To be honest, I'm glad I don't get massive numbers- 59 C. culmella is more than enough for me...........zzzzzzzzzz

    Cheers, p.s. Your mystery micro is in the 'they all look the same' category, so I can't be of any help.

  5. Cheers Matt, I'll probably bin the mystery and hope for a fresher one so all will be revealed!
    Yes the Robinson can catch a lot. My record is 688 of 95sp. An expert may have clocked the ton! In there were 95 Large Yellow Underwing, 87 culmella, 88 tristella, 22 Small FF Wave (topical), 36 Smoky Wainscot, 25 Mother of Pearl etc etc... I have also had 624 of 83, 535 of 73, 506 of 87 all in one Robinson parked on my drive.

    The best so far this year is a paltry 163 of 53 ( 56 sp max this year).