Trap Location and Surrounds

Back Garden- March 2010
Upper Caldecote is located in East Bedfordshire; it is a large village 2 miles West of Biggleswade. It is basically built on 2 roads. Hitchin Rd running North/South and Biggleswade Rd running East/West.

The land in the surrounding area is generally flat and exposed with few sizable areas of trees in the immediate vicinity. The nearest woodland can be found approximately 3 mile to the West.

There is a gravel pit complex 1/2 mile to the South known locally as Broom GPs and is an active sand quarry. This site comprises of 11 varying sized pits, scrapes and lakes and is surrounded by 2 small copses. The rest of the area is predominately made up of arable farm land.

My garden itself is approximately 100ft x 40ft in area and is mainly laid to lawn. There is a mature Hawthorn hedgerow at the back of the garden and a mixture of small shrubs, a mature pear tree and a small number of young trees such as Birch, Alder and Rowan. The garden is South facing and I have planted a mixed '100 year old' hedge along the Western side. This is made up of Hawthorn (85%) with Dog Wood, Geulder Rose, Field Maple and Hazel. On the Eastern border there is a fence with shrubs along its length such as Cotoneaster, Buddleia , Philadelphus, Wisteria and Clematis.
The area beyond the garden is a mixture of single mature trees and shrubs as well as fruit trees, it is generally very dark at night as there is barely any street lighting and we aren't overlooked at the back. Behind the garden to the South there is a school playing field.

Click on the link to show a map of the area, this has a zoom facility and both County and Vice County borders-

My Mothing Landscape