Home Wood Survey TL1446

In February 2011 I was allowed access to Home Wood as part of a joint project for Butterfly Conservation and The Forestry Commission. The wood is located west of the village of Northill in Bedfordshire HERE.The Red 10m square at grid ref. TL14064661 contains a marker with the exact location of the trap site (location #1). In the next few months other locations in the wood will be used and the positions plotted as I intend to install multiple traps, scroll down for trap location map. The 1st survey was a basic case of dropping off a battery powered trap and collecting it in the morning. But in future more ambitious trips are planned.....

A view South along one of the rides- Home Wood February 2011

The wood, although not that mature does have a good mixture of coniferous and deciduous trees. It is separated into a large grid network of corridors and is roughly 1km x 0.5km. The rides are used for hunting but lend themselves well to studies of lepidoptera as traps can be located in the intersections. There is a full species list available HERE

The Twin 15watt Actinic/ UV skinner used 23rd Feb 2011.
80w Mercury Vapour Skinner trap and 80w lamp with sheet- 21st March 2011.

100w FUL Actinic, as used 21st March 2011.
Photo taken in Mr. T. Düval's garden.

Home Wood trap location map

View Home Wood in a larger map

Click on markers to show grid ref. and location photo. More markers to be added as the survey continues........

Van loaded and ready to go- 26th April 2011

Generators- The cheapo 2-stroke (left) and the original Honda EX650 (right)