Battery powered 12v Actinic/BLB/Synergetic Skinner Trap

The photo above shows the unit fitted with 1x Actinic (right) and 1x Synergetic tubes.
The battery powered incarnation, like others is available with any two of three types of tube. Actinic, BLB (Blacklight Blue) or Synergetic (Green Actinic)

When a generator or mains power are not available, this is the only option left. Like the mains travel version, this model is fully waterproof. The trap itself is made from durable exterior grade 6mm plywood and again, like the travel version it collapses down into a manageable size.

Although only 12 volt, the lights are still surprisingly bright, though not quite as bright as the mains version. In the above photo the electrics are connected to a conventional 40ah (Amp Hour) small car battery. Batteries like these retail for as little as £20.00 but are very heavy.

It is fairly simple to work out how long the battery will run this trap for. To work out Amps, simply take your power in watts (in this case 30w) and divide it by the voltage (12v) and this will equal your Amps.

So, 30w ÷ 12v = 2.5A. Now simply divide your battery ah(Amp Hour) rating (in the above case, 40ah) by the Amp rating (2.5A) 40ah ÷ 2.5A = 16 hours.
In Summer, this would be enough for at least two nights without charging!

With the advent of Lithium Ion technology, the weight of battery has significantly decreased. This means more portability, though at present they do cost five times as much!

All the running gear is neatly tucked away in an IP65 water proof housing. The battery lead connects into one end and is terminated with crocodile clips with simply fit onto the battery terminals.
the lamp leads exit the opposite end and the box can be serviced by removing the lid.

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Located on the side of  the housing is a 'dusk til dawn' light sensor. This is particularly useful in situations when the trap is not manned, saving vital battery power. This fitting too is fully waterproof.

There is also the option of fitting a bottom panel to the trap, though not absolutely essential, it does give some additional stability and negates the requirement for a ground sheet.

See the mains 'Travel Edition' version of this trap HERE

See the 'Original' fixed version of this trap HERE

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