Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying to catch up...........

....................but failing!- it's probably the same for all moth-ers at the moment as we compress a months worth of species into a couple of weeks. As well as some sizeable lists over the passed week or so. I also dumped my cheapo Chinese generator and an MV Skinner in Home Wood over night (28th May), which Trent collected very early this morning. There will be a later post on what was found, including the tricky job of sorting through the micros. This will no doubt be done with the assistance of out very own county recorder, David Manning.
In the meantime, some bedtime reading turned up. I haven't had chance for a good look yet- but I was on the pre- publication list; I think the book officially comes out on 31st May. The artwork is of Richard Lewington's usual high standard.

Anyway, here is a few shots- hastily taken between work, kids football, meetings and all the other s**t I have to do. Incidentally, I've finally put together Garden Year List for 2012- it can be found under 'Lists & Info' in the right-hand side column.

Rustic Shoulder-knot
NFY, 20th May

NFY, 21st May

 Poplar Grey
NFY, 22nd May

 Foxglove Pug
NFY, 23rd May

 Oak Hook-tip
Last seen in 2010- NFY, 23rd May

Seven trapped so far- NFY, 23rd May

 Buttoned Snout
The very first intact specimen- NFY, 23rd May

 White Ermine
NFY, 25th May

 Figure of Eighty
Last seen in 2010- NFY, 25th May

 Orange Footman
Last seen 2010- NFY, 25th May

 Mottled Rustic
NFY, 27th May

 Pine Hawk-moth
Last seen 2010- NFY, 27th May

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ochreous Pug?

Well, hasn't it been busy lately? Winter seemed to end at the beginning of the week, followed by Summer from Tuesday onwards. I've got a lot to catch up on, but will post some lists and a few photos later. Below is what I believe to be an Ochreous Pug. The size, angle of the wings and position of the central spot seem to all be right for the species. The photo isn't good and the moth is somewhat worn...........if confirmed it would be a 1st for the garden.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A couple more......... 16-05

................but to be honest, in previous years I would have been snowed under!

Pebble Prominent

Upper Caldecote Garden- 16-05-2012 - 14 of 12 species-

1524    Emmelina monodactyla
1834    Eupithecia vulgata Common Pug 1
1852    Eupithecia abbreviata Brindled Pug 2
1853    Eupithecia dodoneata Oak-tree Pug 1
1862    Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Double-striped Pug 1
1906    Opisthograptis luteolata Brimstone Moth 1
1927    Lycia hirtaria Brindled Beauty 1
2003    Notodonta ziczac Pebble Prominent 1    NFY
2092    Agrotis puta Shuttle-shaped Dart 1
2102    Ochropleura plecta Flame Shoulder 1    NFY
2190    Orthosia gothica Hebrew Character 1
2425    Colocasia coryli Nut-tree Tussock 1

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eye of the storm- 7/8th May

A brief warm interlude in an otherwise cold, wet and windy week allowed me to trap for a rare two nights in a row. Unfortunately this didn't last, so the the lights will be on standby for the near future. This is a selection of the new species over the two nights, others not pictured were Common Carpet and Pale Mottled Willow.

Nut-tree Tussock
NFY- 7th May

Left it late- NFY 7th May

672 Parsnip Moth Depressaria heraclei 
NFY- 7th May

 697 Agonopterix arenella
NFY- 7th May

808 Platyedra subcinerea
This nationally scarce species is a regular sight in the garden- NFY 8th May.

 Pale Tussock
NFY- 8th May

 Waved Umber
NFY- 8th May

 Nut-tree Tussock
This is the first time I have seen the dark form of the species.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Long live the King!

After missing out on last years hatch, this is the first of my captive bred Emperors to emerge after being dormant for two years. It is over two weeks later than last years hatch and who could blame them as the inclement weather continues.
I still have one male and a female left, so could be a chance of some more assembling............

................and the second male emerged just a day later (5th May).


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Upper Caldecote Garden- 2x15w Actinic/UV Skinner, 15w BLB Bulb- 14 of 11 species-

0130    Incurvaria masculella
1    NFY
0648    Endrosis sarcitrella White-shouldered House-moth 2    NFY
1342    Eudonia angustea
1524    Emmelina monodactyla
1648    Drepana falcataria Pebble Hook-tip 1    NFY
1852    Eupithecia abbreviata Brindled Pug 1
1853    Eupithecia dodoneata Oak-tree Pug 1    NFY
1883    Acasis viretata Yellow-barred Brindle 1    NFY
1906    Opisthograptis luteolata Brimstone Moth 1
2019    Clostera curtula Chocolate-tip 1    NFY
2188    Orthosia incerta Clouded Drab 2

Pebble Hook-tip

Oak-tree Pug


Yellow-barred Brindle

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I like Chinese........

Chinese Character
Despite another terrible night with wind and rain a plenty, I still added another 2 new macros to the list.  Along with the Chinese Character was a Brindled Pug. Also a Shuttle-shaped Dart and a late Clouded Drab.