Travel Edition Actinic/BLB/Synergetic Skinner Trap

The photo above shows the trap fitted with 2x 15w Synergetic (Green Actinic) tubes

This is the collapsible version of the tried and tested 'Original' Skinner trap. The main advantage to this trap is that all of the fittings are waterproof, so can be left outside with only the risk of some soggy egg boxes!

The running gear is housed in a weatherproof box (IP65) and comes with a length of flex wire (to a length of your choosing) and plug top.  This trap can be used at home or hooked up to a generator in the field. It is lightweight and very easy to collapse, just 4 wing nuts hold the whole thing together. Just place it on a groundsheet and clip on the light fittings and you're ready to start. The same lamp options apply to this trap, with a choice of BLB (Blacklight Blue), Actinic and Synergetic (Green Actinic). Pick any two of the three options. Pictured is a BLB & Actinic combination.

The whole unit when collapsed is just-
  • 500mm Long
  • 300mm Wide
  • 134mm High
So compact, you could even fit it in a rucksack!

There is also the option of a bottom panel to this trap. It does make the a difference to the overall size when collapsed. But is easy to use and makes the trap far more rigid without the need for a ground sheet.

 The bottom locates to the main body of the trap with 4 short dowels, which correspond to the holes in the two hinged panels.

See the 'Original' fixed version of this trap HERE

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