Original Actinic/BLB/Synergetic Skinner Trap

This is the 1st production model. I have already made a few for people I know as a good alternative to a Mercury Vapour light for use in residential areas. The tubes can be easily interchanged with simply twist fittings. Pictured is a version using 1x 15 watt Actinic and 1x 15 watt BLB (Blacklight Blue)- a total energy use of just 30 watts, this is the version I have had most success with. As well as the tubes pictured above, I have also used this with Synergetic (Green Actinic) tubes. These are also compatible with this system as they are available in a 15 watt, 450mm version. They give out a slightly more visible light and seem to increase the catch.

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The internal measurements are-
470mm long
420mm wide
282mm deep

The whole unit including the 3mm perspex weighs just under 4kg so is easy to manoeuvre.

The body is made of light weight ply and reinforced with battens. The electrics are housed within the trap itself in a narrow compartment. (see plan view above). There are no internal rails, so no awkward places for moths to hide. Also, there are no 'blinds spots' as the whole tube is exposed allowing light to be emitted without any shadow. This allows easier access to the trap and enables you to observe the interior even in pitch darkness.
There is a short length of flex with a plug top which can be used straight into a socket or extension lead.

It is recommended that an RCD power breaker is used with any electrical appliance and the trap should not be allowed to get too wet as the fittings are not waterproof. This is a trap simply designed for domestic use and should not be used in rainy conditions. These traps can then be varnished or better still painted for increased durability.

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