Thursday, July 26, 2012

300..............and counting

....................and the 300 target falls, with an incredible run of six new garden moths in just three days..........and here they are-

True Lover's Knot
Totally out of context, the nearest heathland is a small area in the grounds of the RSPB's headquarters over four miles away. NFG 23rd July

 Rosy Footman
Found stuck to my plastic picnic table in the morning dew, hence the lack of colour. NFG 24th July

The star of the show and only the 18th VC30 record. NFG 24th July.

 Southern Wainscot
Two caught, NFG 24th July.

A long-awaited Garden first, 24th July.

 Lunar-spotted Pinion
Caught in the gazebo under my twin 40w BLB rig, this completes the set of all three Spotted Pinion species, NFG 25th July.


  1. Outrageous half dozen. but worth a wherry. So much for me catching you up. How many kWH and traps for that lot ?

  2. Watts? 2x 40w BLB + 2x25w FUL + 2x15w Actinic/UV = 160w. Putting it like that the contest wasn't really fair was it? I'll take the beer though!

  3. what about the wattage used to power the industrial vacuum pumps ?

  4. Hi Matt, TLK - tame fare, the rest, well not in my lifetime up here...maybe a chance of Southern Wainscot if I keep vigilant. Well done, I love that Wormwood.

  5. Congrats, Matt!
    Caught the first two on the 24th... sadly, though, it was in Mum's Cornish garden :-)