Monday, May 31, 2010

A few recent highlights.......

Work commitments and a weekend break have kept blogging to a minimum, though the recording of moths has continued up to 27/05. I have included a few of the recent highlights and have now also brought all lists up-to-date. So far this year I have recorded 116 species in the garden, 91 of which are macros.....

ShearsRecorded for the 1st time on 27/05.

Vine's RusticA year tick on 25/05.

Blood-veinA year tick on 25/05.

Light BrocadeA real stunner, trapped for the 1st time ever on 24/05.

Iron ProminentA year tick on 24/05.

CinnabarA year tick on 24/05- 1st in the trap.

Lime HawkmothA 1st ever on 23/05.

Maidens BlushA 1st ever on 23/05.


  1. Well done on the firsts, Matt. Some nice species.

  2. Cheers Dean,

    Hope I didn't miss too much over the weekend. Wednesday and Thursday night look favorite this week- good luck with the net!