Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Billy Witch.........14/05

Cockchafer Common Swift Grey Pine Carpet
I haven't seen a Cockchafer in years- are they getting rarer? This one was found under the egg boxes along with my 1st ever garden Common Swift. On the outside of the trap was a Grey Pine Carpet and another garden debutant; a White-spotted Pug. Also for the 1st time this year there was a fleeting visit from a Sallow Kitten. The count;
  1. Shuttle-shaped Dart- 4
  2. Common Quaker
  3. Waved Umber
  4. Brimstone Moth
  5. Grey Pine Carpet- Year tick
  6. Common Pug
  7. White-spotted Pug- Garden 1st
  8. Sallow Kitten- Year tick
  9. Common Swift- Garden 1st
  10. White-shouldered House-moth
  11. Esperia sulpurella

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