Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anyone fancy a Ruby?...15/05

Ruby Tiger Spruce Carpet Bright-line Brown-eye
National moth night tonight so I spent 3/4 enjoyable hours in Chicksands Wood with the VC30 Moth Group. On my return I found that there was activity around the traps. Spruce Carpet was my 4th pine species to date and the B-l B-e was a 2nd record this year. But even though they're common, my favourite garden moth of the night has to be the Ruby Tiger!-
  1. Shuttle-shaped Dart- 9
  2. Double-striped Pug- 2
  3. Brimstone Moth
  4. Bright-line Brown-eye- 2nd this year
  5. Common Pug
  6. Ruby Tiger- Year tick
  7. Spruce Carpet- Year tick
  8. Hebrew Character
  9. Chinese Character- 2nd this year
  10. Flame Shoulder
Brown Silver-line
Earlier, at The Lodge, a morning walk produced a few Brown Silver-lines around the bracken. We did manage to trap 1 in a specimen pot but the photo was fairly poor through the plastic.......

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