Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Pug Parade..........

Now everybody loves Pug identification like a hole in the head. So I've decided to get them all out of the way together. Some have been confirmed by VC30, others not. So I've stuck my neck out and had a try............just hope a few are actually right!

White-spotted Pug
This was seen in my garden on 14th May and is by far the largest I've had with a wingspan of 27mm and very large white wing spots, a light tipped abdomen and a large white patch in the middle of the thorax.

Dwarf Pug
A few of these were caught in Chicksands Wood on 15th May. Despite the name they aren't that small! Note the heavy markings and angle at which the wings are held.

Ochreous Pug
Another species caught in Chicksands Wood, it's a pine feeder.

Mottled Pug
I've had 2 of these in the garden, of which this is by far the best photo. In the books it describes the black area as being 'broken up'. It also has a defused black line running across the base of the abdomen.

Common Pug
Now my commonest pug species, the very obvious line around the trailing edges of the wings seems to be a good field mark.

Double-striped Pug
Earliest to be on the wing and fairly obvious once you've squinted hard enough to see 'em.........
Let's hope my theories are water tight!

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