Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Prominent Display...19/05

A really good night last night, but not as warm as some areas of the country as temperatures still got down below 10°C. For the 1st time this year I reached over 20 species, with a couple of micros yet to be ID'ed. Unlike others (especially Ian G!) no Hawk Moths yet, though I'm extremely happy with 3 Prominent species.......

Pebble Prominent Lesser Swallow Prominent Swallow Prominent Brindled Pug Common Swift- Male
Rustic Shoulder-knot
I think I would have recorded more if I had visited the traps a few times in the night.........but I was just too tired. I also think just using Actinic will never produce the hauls found by others......
I'll either have to put out more traps or move!
  1. SS Dart- 4
  2. Flame Shoulder- 4
  3. Swallow Prominent
  4. Lesser Swallow Prominent
  5. Pebble Prominent- Garden 1st
  6. Small Waved Umber- Year tick
  7. Hebrew Character
  8. Treble Lines
  9. Pale Tussock
  10. Buff-tip- Garden 1st
  11. Red Twin-spot Carpet
  12. Garden Carpet
  13. Common Pug
  14. Brindled Pug
  15. Heart & Dart
  16. Common Swift
  17. Emmelina monodactyla- 2
  18. White-shouldered House-moth
  19. Rustic Shoulder-knot- Garden 1st
  20. Micro A?- Poor photo (see above post)- Epinotia immundana
  21. Micro B?- flew away prob. Depressaria sp.

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