Sunday, May 23, 2010

Micro needed!.

Micro A- Thanks David!
964 Cochylis dubitana
Caught on 20/05
Micro B, not enough for an IDCaught on 20/05

Micro C- Thanks Ben!
228 Monopis weaverellaCaught 21/05

Micro D- Thanks Ben!
985 Carnation TortrixNetted during the day 22/05
Micro E- Thanks Ben!
610 Elachista argentellaNetted Broom Gps on rough grassland- Very small! 23/05

Micro F- Thanks David

1301 Cranbus lathoniellusNetted at Broom GP on rough grassland 23-05

Micro G- Thanks David
153 Adela fibulella
Netted at Broom GPs in mixed deciduous woodland- 23/05

Everybody loves micros, so I've collected up a few images, and wondered if anyone could put any names to faces? Thanks in advance!


  1. Hi Matt,

    gotta love the micros - so hard to get an ID on though.

    I have an idea about micro A, it could be a badly worn Cochylis atricapitana. I've caught this in the garden so it's one of the only ones I may be able to ID - but I could be wrong!!

    I did have both traps out for my monster hawl too - only the twin actinic today though as I'm giving the neighbours a rest!


  2. Yo

    Micro C is Monopsis weaverella
    Micro D is Carnation Tortrix
    Micro E is Elachista argentella

    Hope that helps abit.

  3. Nice one Ben!! I've got David Manning on the case too, he should mop up the rest.

    Thanks again,