Saturday, May 1, 2010


Another fairly quiet night- I couldn't get to the Cooper's Hill field trip due to a prior engagement (food, beer, wine etc.). But did sneak out from time to time to check the trap. The Nutmeg was the only debutant (if that's what it is?). Also notable were 2 Nut-tree Tussocks-
  1. Hebrew Character- 4
  2. Shuttle-shaped Dart- 3
  3. Nut-tree Tussock- 2
  4. Clouded Drab
  5. Common Quaker
  6. Powdered Quaker
  7. Early Grey
  8. Muslin Moth
  9. Nutmeg?- Garden 1st
  10. Argyrotaenia ljungiana

1 comment:

  1. Yes Matt, nice Nutmeg, never seen one although Large Nutmeg has come to my trap on a few occasions.