Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The UV super screen.

As the weather and temperatures have been far from ideal, I decided to get ahead of the curve and create a new contraption!

This is the V2 of Trent Duval's original UV screen. The principle is the same but some notable improvements have been made. The 'screen' itself is a value white roller blind from Argos.

When rolled down, it connects to retaining hooks. This keeps it taught even in breezy conditions and after use can be easily stowed away again.

The 15w Blacklight Blue low energy bulb is connected to a lamp holder. This is mounted onto a long length of 25mm conduit which can be extended from under the shed canopy.

Only when its dark do you see just how bright the light actually is, plus there's the option of a 25w upgrade. Hopefully to moths and insects this will prove irresistible. For best results, just add a bit of Spring Weather!

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