Wednesday, May 19, 2010

National Moth Night @ Chicksands Wood...15/05

The VC30 Moth-ers
A field meeting in the heart of Chicksands Wood was very productive even though the temperature dropped below 5°C. It was well organised, being run in conjunction with the Beds Bat Group. Not many bats around, but finally at 0100hrs a single Natterer's Bat was recovered from a mist net.
35 species of moth were recorded (report on VC30 to follow) from 5 traps, these are a few of the highlights I managed to photograph-
Broken-barred Carpet
A broken example! 2 were trapped on the night.
Clouded Border
Just 1 of these found by an MV skinner trap.
Iron Prominent
Just 1 recovered by the tripod MV with sheet. (see top photo)
Maidens Blush
Only 1 found, again on the tripod sheet.
Scalloped Hazel
2 found by the tripod MV.
Scalloped Hook-tip
Found on my 15w 12v Actinic trap!
Scorched Carpet
The 1st moth caught- in a net by Andy Banthorpe.
Small White Wave
A real highlight, caught in a net by Stephen Plummer, it's the 1st VC30 record since 1986!
Quite common- with 20+ found around 4 traps.


  1. Some cracking species there, Matt. I`d love to find a Scorched Carpet.

  2. It's the 1st one I've ever seen! They come to gardens too apparently, so you never know.....