Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To the Manor, Thorn!.....06/04

Early Thorn
The Manor Place trap picks up another debutant in the shape of this Early Thorn. It was all part of a much better night with 30 moths of 8 species trapped.
  1. Common Quaker- 16 Highest count
  2. Hebrew Character- 5
  3. Small Quaker- 3 Highest count
  4. Clouded Drab- 2
  5. March Moth
  6. Early Grey
  7. Early Thorn Garden 1st
  8. Emmelina monodactyla

The trap was also invaded by another 2 Black Carrion Beetles!


  1. Well done on the Early Thorn! still abit early for their peak flight-time so you should get a few more yet.
    Good trapping.

  2. Cheesy headline but "nice catch".