Thursday, April 15, 2010

Powdered Power......14/04

Powdered Quakers
Powdered Quakers are now out in force and look much fresher than the now fading Common Quakers. Not as much action as last night, but not bad for a cold night-
  1. Clouded Drab- 5
  2. Powdered Quaker- 4
  3. Common Quaker- 3
  4. Hebrew Character- 2
  5. Early Grey


  1. Four Powdered Quakers is good going - all but one of my garden records of this species over ten years are of singles, with two being the highest count!

  2. Just had one turn up to my trap, i've never had more than one per night here.

  3. Hi Guys,

    I've had 4 on 2 nights here. It just shows you the big regional differences from area to area.I really struggle for woodland species and you can more or less forget R-h Chestnut!