Sunday, April 11, 2010


Powdered Quaker Streamer Brindled Pug?
Another pretty decent night for variety although the Streamer and Brindled Beauty are possibly the same ones as last night's. The kids were given the duty of taking the BB 'as far away from the trap as possible' this obviously must have meant a few feet away! The Streamer flew into next door's garden yesterday and has probably returned, at least I got another chance for a picture.
Later this morning (11th) we looked around RSPB The Lodge and found what I think are Brindled Pugs, 3 in total. The Powdered Quaker is another debutant and was found on the shed. The full list, 22 of 9 species is as follows-
  1. Common Quaker- 7
  2. Clouded Drab- 4
  3. Hebrew Character- 3
  4. Emmelina monodactyla- 3 High Count
  5. Small Quaker
  6. Agonopterix heracliana
  7. Brindled Beauty
  8. Streamer
  9. Powdered Quaker- Garden 1st


  1. The Streamer is one hell of a looker. I`ve only ever seen one and can`t wait for the next one to turn up.

  2. I think I was lucky to get another chance to photo this one. I seem to be doing OK with some species, but Woodland species are very hard to come by. Especially Twin-spot Quaker, which are extremely difficult to get in area of mainly arable farmland.