Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tawny, in my opinion....13/04

.........It was Loiue to the rescue, as it was he who found these new garden moths. After I'd already counted everything in the trap and surrounds, Louie managed to find a Tawny Pinion on the shed and another mystery Micro on the fence!

Tawny Pinion

Micro Sp. ???
The Micro in question is only 9mm long and I have no idea what it is at present......But the real news is the Pinion, which I've added to my Pale Pinion record for last year. The rest of the count (19 0f 8)-
  1. Powdered Quaker- 4 High Count
  2. Hebrew Character- 4
  3. Common Quaker- 4
  4. Clouded Drab- 3
  5. Early Thorn
  6. Diurnea fagella
  7. Tawny Pinion- Garden 1st
  8. Mystery Micro? Garden 1st?
The mystery micro is #947 Argyrotaenia ljungiana, a common Tortricidae- Thanks to Ben Sale for his identification.


  1. Great record on the Tawny Pinion, only ever seen it once myself.
    Your micro is the very pretty Argyrotaenia ljungiana

  2. As nice as Tawny Pinions are, it`s the Argyrotaenia that does it for me. That is one smart looking micro.

  3. Thanks guys, especially to you Ben. Your Id has saved me 1/2 an Hour of UK Moth trawling!

    Next stop Red-headed Chestnut or dare I say Dotted!, a very tall order round these parts............

  4. Nice records there Matt. That Agro-thingy is a belter...