Monday, April 26, 2010

Thorn Bird.....25/04

Early Thorn (female) Streamer
Mompha subbistrigella
The count was low but the variety was fair as the temperatures continue to rise. It was nice to see a 1st female Early Thorn, 1 of the 2 caught. The micro was found in the house and is another new 1 for the list. I also put a battery trap out at Broom GP, but only caught 4 moths-
Upper Caldecote
  1. Early Thorn- 2
  2. Hebrew Character- 2
  3. Mompha subbistrigella- 2- 1st
  4. Powdered Quaker
  5. Chestnut
  6. Clouded Drab
  7. Streamer- 2nd record
  8. Agonopterix arenella- 2nd record
Broom GP
  1. Hebrew Character- 2
  2. Clouded Drab
  3. Powdered Quaker- site 1st

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