Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bathroom Light vs. Actinic Traps....27/04

Yellow-barred Brindle Shuttle-shaped Dart Grey/Dark Dagger Mystery Micro????? White-shouldered House moth
A much warmer night than last and some old friends are back. But the star of the show was the Bathroom light........The window was left open for less than 2 hours and it attracted a Yellow-barred Brindle and a Nut-tree Tussock. I don't know why I bother with all this trap nonsense sometimes. Nothing brand new (apart from the unIDed), but a few for the year list none the less........
  1. Hebrew Character- 6
  2. Shuttle-shaped Dart
  3. Early Grey
  4. Garden Carpet- Year tick
  5. Yellow-barred Brindle- Year tick
  6. White-shouldered House moth
  7. Mystery Micro??- 1st Ever
  8. Common Quaker
  9. Nut-tree Tussock
  10. Grey Dagger- Year tick
  11. Incurvaria masculla
The mystery micro is Epermenia chaerophyllella (483). Thanks to Dean & David for your ID...........


  1. Matt, your mystery micro looks bang on for Epermenia chaerophyllella.

  2. Hi Dean- Thanks for that- I'll post it up later. I had a good night last night as I ran 2 traps- list to follow soon......

  3. Nice haul Matt! I put my trap on my garage roof last night to try and elevate it above the garden hedges and reach more moths. Seemed to work as I got Ruby Tiger, Powdered Quaker, Chinese Character, Pebble Prominent, Streamer and all the usual suspects.

    Dan and I just went up DWE and got 20 of the big egg boxes for 50p!

  4. Nice one mate, I think i'll have to go to DWE myself....I'm running out...I've yet to see a Pebble Prominent, nice to know the trap's working well.