Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Hattrick........09/04

Brindled Beauty Streamer Early Thorn Agonopterix arenella
It's been a little while since something new turned up. So I thought I would have a good chance on such a great evening. The omens were good with barely a breath of wind and nice warm, overcast conditions. The photo of the Streamer is terrible! It is actually in mid flight and flew away before I could get another shot! The catch-
  1. Clouded Drab- 9
  2. Common Quaker- 4
  3. Hebrew Character- 3
  4. Early Thorn- 2
  5. Brindled Beauty- 1 Garden 1st
  6. Streamer- 1 Garden 1st
  7. Agonopterix arenella- 1 Garden 1st
  8. Agonopterix heracliana- 1
  9. Emmelina monodactyla- 1


  1. Well done on the garden firsts Matt. Make the most of it. More cold nights for the coming week.

  2. Aha Brindled Beauty, highly on my want list! the Streamer is a garden regular but like you I only have a half arsed record shot....until your latest post! nice one.