Friday, June 22, 2012

Garden Catch up........

A few highlights from the last week. The 19th June was certainly the best night of the year so far with 35 species accounted for. Since then, stormy conditions have set in once again and the catch has reverted from decent to rubbish again. Tomorrow night (23rd) I'm meant to be setting up some equipment for a moth-ing demo at Marston Vale Millennium Park for National Moth Night, I may also pack a wind-break and snorkel!

Treble Brown-spot
NFY- 17th June.

Maple Prominent
NFY- 17th June- absent in 2010.

Barred Yellow
NFY 18th June.

143 Nematopogon metaxella
A garden 1st, 18th June. 

Sandy Carpet
NFY 19th June- only my 2nd record and the only time I've manged to get a photo.

Elephant Hawk-moth
NFY, 19th June.

Heart and Club
NFY, 19th June- 3 caught so far.

Freyer's Pug
NFY, 19th June.

Light Arches
NFY, 19th June.

Middle-barred Minor f. pallida
NFY, 19th June.

Straw Dot
NFY 19th June.

1474 Ephestia parasitella
NFY, 19th June.

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