Monday, June 11, 2012

2 new, 10-06

......................otherwise a fairly forgettable cold, wet night.

Dark Arches

I have never quite got to grips with these. Sometimes if I didn't know better Vine's, Uncertain and Rustic are all just same species of moth which someone (probably a birder) has split just to get two extra ticks. On balance I think the above is actually a Rustic...............if so, I've now got all three and will not have to bother any more for another year.


  1. Like yourself, I have closely cross examined the Lewington illustration possibilities in my particular moth bible, and go for the "Rustic".
    Ray'o (New Mothy on the Block) - [What a fascinating subject this is!]

  2. It's all smoke and mirrors Ray'o. I'm bound to be right approximately 33.333% of the time.