Saturday, April 30, 2011


Pretty poor of late generally. Strong NE winds and cooler night time temperatures have stifled progress. Also the breeding pair of Robins next door are stealing all moths that are not in the trap, so anything on the shed wall is eaten/taken to young before I see it. Worse still, Trent is streaking ahead in his Work-less Utopian bubble. At the last count, 14 species up and counting- so I've been sending his CV out to relevant companies in the hope of finding him a job. A night shift would be best, but anything would do. Trouble is, no-one seems to want him,......funny that.............

Pebble Prominent
Having a good year for these with 8 so far.

The result- 33 of 12 species-
  • Shuttle-shaped Dart- 18
  • White-shouldered House-moth- 2
  • Lime Hawk-moth- 2
  • Pebble Prominent- 2
  • Hebrew Character- 2
  • Turnip Moth- 1
  • Powdered Quaker- 1
  • Brimstone Moth- 1
  • Agonopterix arenella- 1
  • Common Pug- 1
  • Brindled Pug- 1
  • Esperia sulphurella- 1

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