Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another 2.....13/04

The weather has cooled down a bit and so has the catch. After not trapping on 12th, I put the trap out last night. I was spurred on after netting a 1st for year day-flying micro, but my enthusiasm was stunted somewhat after recording just 5 moths this morning. At least 1 was new for the year........

Garden Carpet

 Esperia sulphurella 649
The result- 6 of 5 species-
  • Hebrew Character- 2
  • Garden Carpet- 1- Year tick
  • Powdered Quaker- 1
  • Double-striped Pug- 1
  • Esperia sulphurella- 1- Year tick


  1. 2 for the year is better than nothing, Matt. I netted Scalloped Hook-tip last night & potted up Ancylis badiana this morning. Be glad when there`s more micros to be kicked out of the grass.