Saturday, April 9, 2011

May, but in early April.....

The incredible Summer-like weather continues; it feels like Britain has been moved 1000 miles south! This is having an extreme affect on flight times, compared to last year at least. Most of my recent additions are more likely to be encountered in May. Right I'm off to Broom to find a Red-footed Falcon and a Bee-eater!

Waved Umber

 Nut-tree Tussock

 Pale Mottled Willow

 Brindled Pug ab. hirschkei

 Brindled Beauty

 Bee Fly

 Burying Beetle Sp.??
Not sure which species- but I've never seen it before. any ideas?

The result- 23 of 13 species-
  • Hebrew Character- 5
  • Common Quaker- 4
  • White-shouldered House-moth- 3
  • Clouded Drab- 2
  • Red Chestnut- 1
  • Early Thorn- 1
  • Waved Umber- 1- Year tick
  • Nut-tree Tussock- 1- Year tick
  • Pale Mottled Willow- 1- Year tick
  • Argyrotaenia ljungiana- 1
  • Agonopterix arenella- 1
  • Brindled Pug- 1


  1. Matt, That's Nicrophorus humator. The orange markings on the right elytron are odd. You can ID all the species using the guide in Beetle News vol. 1:
    Mark Telfer

  2. Thanks Mark,

    I didn't realise they were so size variable. Most N. humators I get are huge.

    Thank you.