Monday, April 25, 2011

Cabbage & Nutmeg...24/04

Numbers and the count right down at the moment, as well as the problem of Robins stealing some of my catch off the shed wall at 1st light. I had limited success last year putting out some of the kids rubber snakes! But the crafty birds seem to have wised up to this. Yesterday I saw a Robin dive in the trap and nick a Muslin Moth as I went to get my camera!
Despite all of this I managed 3 new for the year bringing the total to 80 species in the garden for 2011.

Cabbage Moth
1st of the year.

1st of the year- 5 days earlier than last year, in VC30 early records for a good deal of species are falling all over the place....

 Skin Moth Monopis laevigella 277
1st of the year.

The result- 31 of 13 species-
  • Shuttle-shaped Dart- 11
  • Hebrew Character- 4
  • Flame Shoulder- 3
  • Muslin Moth- 3
  • Clouded Drab- 2
  • Nutmeg- 1- Year tick
  • Cabbage Moth- 1- Year tick
  • White-shouldered House-moth- 1
  • Skin Moth- 1- Year tick
  • Brindled Pug- 1
  • Pebble Prominent- 1
  • Powdered Quaker- 1
  • White Ermine- 1

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