Saturday, April 23, 2011

Macro catch up Part 1...........

I feel like I'm battling against 1) The unusually warm weather bringing everything out at once. 2) The fact that Trent Duval is unemployed, means he is totally absorbed by Mothing.......this time last year I was killing his year list by 20+ species. It's not going to be the case this year, so it was a good job the garden has been pulling plenty in of late. 3) The height of the bird migration season means I've been spending most mornings 6.30-7.45am at Broom Gps. 4)Work!
At some point over the next few days we also need to get into Home Wood for the BC/FC's all go!

Flame Shoulder
Year tick on 15th April, also 4 Ruby Tigers (no photo)

 Lesser Swallow Prominent
A year tick also 15th April.

 Currant Pug
Year tick- 15th April

 Shuttle-shaped Dart
Year tick- 17th April.

 Common Pug
Also 17th April.

 Red Twin-spot Carpet
A year tick 19th April.

 Chinese Character
Year tick- 19th April.

 Coxcomb Prominent
1 of my favourites- year tick 19th April.

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  1. Year ticks galore there, Matt. Managed a couple myself over the last 24hrs.