Friday, April 22, 2011

Micro catch up Part 2..............

.......And here's a few more. Macro catch up to come soon.

Bee Moth 1428
Year tick 19th April.

 Fruitlet Mining Tortrix 1239
A day flying micro, caught with a sweep net, garden 1st 19th April.

 Incurvaria masculella 130
Year tick 20th April.

 Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner 366a
The dreaded 'Conker Moth' , a year tick swept 20th April.

 Possibly Epiblema costipunctana 1187??
Swept from a Hawthorn hedge during late afternoon of 21st April. A probable

 Elachista species???
Found in the house, right shape but not sure which one- lousy photo!


  1. You've been very busy Matt! top stuff your epiblema looks morelike Pammene giganteana to me. have a look here

  2. Hi Ben,
    I submitted this to the recorder a couple of days ago.
    In the pot it looked extremely dark and the images in UK moths and others show light forms. The recorder has found evidence of E. costipunctana in darker forms hence why he said it was a probable. If I manage to catch another I'll be sure to get a few more pics as that one is s**t.
    You can rule out P. giganteana because of the lack of heavily feathered upper legs- something not too clear in the photo! So probable is all it can be.......