Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pug problems........09/04

.......And they've started earlier than usual. Yet another warm night early on, but a surprising dip in temp to just 3°C. Numbers were down on previous nights even though I had 2 traps out again.
This little critter was 1 of 2 pretty much identical moths found last night. When I caught it, I immediately thought it was Oak-tree due to the compact size (barely bigger than Double-striped) and pale patches beside the central black dots. However the strong white line along the trailing edge also made me think of Common.
I will leave it up to the jury of bloggers far more experienced than me to decide.

Oak-tree Pug
Thanks for ID confirmation from Mark & Andy.

 Muslin Moth
The Teddy Bear of moths- always nice to see.

The result- 12 of 8 species-
  • Hebrew Character- 2
  • Oak-tree Pug- 2 - Year tick
  • Clouded Drab- 2
  • Brindled Beauty- 1
  • Nut-tree Tussock- 1
  • Muslin Moth- 1- Year tick
  • Powdered Quaker- 1


  1. Oak-tree for me. Could do with a Nut-tree Tussock up here - would be a VC55 first!

  2. Thanks for that Mark-I was more or less sure, so 2 Oak-tree Pugs in a night- I could well have overlooked these in the past.
    It staggers me that N-t Tussock is so rare just over an hours drive from where I live...I wonder why that could be....

  3. It's baffling when you see the national distribution.