Thursday, April 7, 2011


........And after not bothering for a few days due to high winds, it seems that Spring has finally sprung. The recent high temperatures must of helped as I recorded 4 new moths for the year in one night. I logged a temp of 15°C at 8.00pm which is by far the highest so far.

Pebble Prominent
Last year I had to wait until 19th May for this species.

 Brimstone Moth
Another fairly early addition.

 Agonopterix arenella 697

 Argyrotaenia ljungiana 974
The result- 21 of 10 species-
  • Common Quaker- 5
  • Hebrew Character- 5
  • Clouded Drab- 4
  • Early Grey
  • Brimstone Moth- Year tick
  • Pebble Prominent- Year tick
  • Emmelina monodactyla
  • Agonopterix arenella- Year tick
  • Agonopterix heracliana
  • Argyrotaenia ljungiana- Year tick


  1. Nice one Matt. It`s always good see something other than the Orthosias.

  2. Nice Prominent. You've pulled away, 7 up on me now (6 if the A scopariella is accepted) My No.1 Skinner had 10 moths but No.2 by the new wall had zero ! I did find A.acanthadactyla however, for a first "New wall tick".

  3. 37 species and April has only just started.. thats dedication. I've been secretly comparing my garden year list to your every now and again, and I'm still 10 behind!

    Keep it up.


  4. Bill- My last year's totals were also 10 behind this as counted on 6th April '10. I think the better weather must be something to do with it. I am using the same 30w Actinic/UV trap and using it with about the same fequency.

    Dean- I was getting bored with the 'Big 3'too!

    Trent- Get down the offy!