Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catch up.......30/4,1/5

I didn't trap on the 2nd as temperatures plummeted, I probably won't tonight either as some areas of the region will approach 0°C. Although windy, the 2 days previous were quite good with 11 new species added. Nothing unexpected but nice all the same with another new micro for the garden life list.

Mottled Pug
Caught 30th April- then another 3 1st May

 Heart and Dart
1st of many- caught 30th April.

 Common Swift
This male was also caught 30th April

 Light Brown Apple Moth Epiphyas postvittana 998
Another Year tick- 30th April.

 Adela reaumurella 150
2 females caught- Gaden first 1st May

 Garden Pebble Evergestic forficalis 1356 
1 caught 1st May

 Eudonia angustea 1342
A tatty over wintering job- 1st May

 Light Brocade
Also new for the year- 1st May.

I also recorded Rustic Shoulder-knot and Lime-speck Pug, also 1st May.

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