Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Queries? 13/07............

Another batch of recent catches and a couple of queries.......I have now stowed the Gazebo away and I didn't trap on 14th and probably won't now until the weekend.

Ruby Tiger
Believe it or not, only the 2nd caught this year!

Bordered White
Only the 2nd ever record.

Foxglove or Toadflax?
I have caught a lot of Foxglove Pugs this year. But this one was very small and much more heavily marked. If pushed I would still say Foxglove.

Cloaked Minor!
This faded moth could be anything as far as I'm concerned. Similar in size to Marble Minor agg.
One of the many guises of Cloaked Minor. Thanks Ian W for the expert overview!

Epinotia nisella (1138)

Others recent highlights-
  1. Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing- female
  2. Nut-tree Tussock
  3. Smoky Wainscot
  4. Mere Wainscot- a 3rd record!
  5. Spruce Carpet
  6. Coxcomb Prominent- 2nd record

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