Monday, July 5, 2010

A New Weapon!!.....................

As the mothing season starts to peak, I thought I'd well and truly open Pandora's Box. So I decided to hook up a twin light rig and tie-wrap it to the inside of our octagonal gazebo. I decided to use a pair of T12 40w Blacklight Blue tubes (BLBs) and just simply waited for it to get dark. With this I also put out my 15w twin Actinic/UV Skinner Trap.

Gazebo Trap!
The results were staggering with the 1st attempt, recording in excess of 65 species before I gave up recording! I used this system over the weekend and now have a total of 162 Macro and 73 Micro species for the year!

Viewed from my window
There will be some more actual moth posts soon. It has taken me so long just to straighten out my records......STOP PRESS!........a Ghost Moth has just turned up in the trap. Make that 163 Macros!!

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