Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Micro for VC30!...........19/07

7 more to the good with a fantastic humid night. Temperatures didn't drop any lower than 17°C so it was always going to be good. I only did a partial count as there was so many! I've posted some highlights and all of the newbies, including a new addition to the VC30 micro moth list.......

Lesser-spotted Pinion
The 1st time I've ever seen this one. I had White-spotted last year.......

Dingy Footman
After checking through loads of Commons and Scarce. I've finally got something different at last!

Lesser Yellow Underwing
A 1st of the year.

Mere Wainscot
This time it was 2 of the paler form, my 4th and 5th of the year.

2nd for the year.

Oak Hook-tip
Another 1st for the garden.

Duponchelia fovealis (1403a)
According to the literature, this moth was found in Britain for the 1st time in 1996 as a suspected stowaway.
It has now been confirmed as the 1st Ever for VC30(Bedfordshire) by David Manning. It is an immigrant species originating from Southern Europe and feeds on a variety of cultivated vegetables. These include Beets and Spinach, so would be right at home.....well, here!

Carcina quercana (658)
2nd record for this pretty micro.

Large Tabby (1421)
1st for the garden.

Some of the others caught were-
  • Smoky Wainscot- 4- My highest count
  • V-Pug- 3- My highest count
  • Iron Prominent
  • Chinese Character
  • Peppered Moth


  1. Some nice ones there Matt and congratulations on the first for your VC.

  2. Cheers Dean, a bit of a coup for a humble Actinic trap.........

  3. Never mind a first for the VC, I get one every month up here (nobody traps moths!), you have real UK rarity there Matt, fantastic!