Friday, July 23, 2010

Copper & Brass.....22/07

The cooler weather continues, but a new one in the shape of a Copper Underwing turned up to keep the list ticking over.

Copper Underwing
The crucial feature to distinguish from Svensson's is the definite line between the copper last 3rd and the paler straw coloured inner 2/3rds. Also the dark band is broken to form separate dots.

Burnished Brass
This is the f. juncta type.

Ghost Moth
Female- 2nd record.

Agriphila tristella (1305)
A grass moth species, this is now replacing the slightly smaller Crambus pascuella.

Other moths included-
  • Ruby Tiger- 3 High Count
  • Silver Y- 2
  • Privet Hawk-moth
  • Dun-bar
  • Double-striped Pug

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