Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ampthill Park..............23/07

A decent trip to the elevated Ampthill Park with VC30. Weather wise, pretty good though did get down to 12°C. On the plus side, barely a breath of wind. I have just included a few highlights I managed to photograph, a full list will appear on VC30 email group in the next day or 2.........

Oak Eggar
Only 1 caught, but what a stunner!

Black Arches
5 caught on the night.

Just 1 drawn to a 125w MV.

Purple Bar
Just 1 record.

Just 1 attracted to 125w MV.

Small Angle Shades
1 caught by 15w Actinic.

White-line Dart
Just 1 to 125w MV.

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