Saturday, July 17, 2010

3 more Macros for the year...16/07

I was surprised at the turn out last night, as I wasn't going to do any trapping. But the wind dropped and while I was getting my beauty sleep, (much needed!) the trap produce the goods. Temperature down on recent nights to 12°C and some quite strong gusts at times didn't put the moths off completely. Though numbers were down, with just 1 twin 15w Actinic/UV trap out........

Scalloped Oak

Absolutely brilliant to get Engrailed as I missed out on it's 1st generation. Usually a woodland species, I just didn't think I'd get one.

Common Rustic agg.
The 1st Common Rustic agg.s of the year in 2 very different guises. I find the side on image the most diagnostic for this species, though its not pictured in any of my books.........the full run down-
  1. Chrysoteuchia culmella- 7
  2. Dark Arches- 5
  3. Uncertain- 5
  4. Endotricha flammealis- 4
  5. Shuttle-shaped Dart- 3
  6. Buff Ermine- 3
  7. Common Rustic agg.- 2- Year Tick
  8. Grey Tortrix sp.- 2
  9. Scalloped Oak- 2- Year Tick
  10. Riband Wave- 2
  11. Clepsis consimilana
  12. Clouded Silver
  13. Crambus pascuella
  14. Acleris forsskaleana
  15. Dusky Sallow
  16. Common Footman
  17. Flame
  18. Smoky Wainscot
  19. Yellow-Tail
  20. Pyrausta aurata
  21. Engrailed- 1st Ever
  22. Light Arches

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