Sunday, March 18, 2012

A score...........

..............and three days before the same total last year, with a few more available. After missing out last year it was good to finally catch up with one of these-

Pine Beauty
This was found on the shed wall under the 15w BLB bulb.

 Lead-coloured Drab
More or less a carbon copy of the female trapped on 12th.

Upper Caldecote Garden- 17-03-2012- 21 of 7 species-

1497    Amblyptilia acanthadactyla
1934    Agriopis marginaria Dotted Border 1
2179    Panolis flammea Pine Beauty 1    NFY
2182    Orthosia cruda Small Quaker 5
2185    Orthosia populeti Lead-coloured Drab 1
2187    Orthosia cerasi Common Quaker 6
2188    Orthosia incerta Clouded Drab 2
2190    Orthosia gothica Hebrew Character 5

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