Saturday, March 31, 2012

Garden catch up & the big Six

A pretty hectic couple of nights in the garden all in all with a couple of new macros on 27th March. A very tatty Angle Shades and this furry little devil. It's quite an early record I would say, my earliest by  almost 2 weeks.

Muslin Moth

The big Six refers to Orthosias as I've finally recorded six different ones on one night. The full list for 28th March is as follows.

Upper Caldecote  Garden- 28-03-12- 33 of 11 species-

1497    Amblyptilia acanthadactyla
1524    Emmelina monodactyla
1862    Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Double-striped Pug 1
1917    Selenia dentaria Early Thorn 1
2182    Orthosia cruda Small Quaker 8
2185    Orthosia populeti Lead-coloured Drab 1
2187    Orthosia cerasi Common Quaker 6
2188    Orthosia incerta Clouded Drab 3
2189    Orthosia munda Twin-spotted Quaker 1
2190    Orthosia gothica Hebrew Character 5
2243    Xylocampa areola Early Grey 1


  1. I like the reference to the Big Six - well done.



  2. I had the big six the other night too, but swap your LCD for Powdered Quaker...