Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nothing but Orthosias! 12/03

........Now I haven't checked, but I'm sure this is the first time I've recorded five Orthosia species without catching anything else. Later in the year I will probably catch Powdered Quaker, but that's usually about it. I have trapped Twin-spotted Quaker just once; in 2010 and have yet to record it in Home Wood so far. Obviously the highlight of the evening was the Lead-coloured Drab as I only caught one last year. March has been very productive with at least one new macro moth on five consecutive nights..........

Lead-coloured Drab
It is fairly easy to overlook this species as they can look an awful lot like the similar Clouded Drab. Especially if the markings are faint or worn. The example above is fairly well marked, so some easy comparisons can be made. Generally size is a good indicator, Lead-coloured Drab is usually smaller. The wing tips are also much less pointed. Also look at the reniform Stigmata (kidney mark), this is proportionately slightly larger on the wing and usually looks darker and more contrasting compared to Clouded Drab. If you have a male Lead-coloured Drab, the task is made easy by the bipectinated (feathered) antennae, which are not present in Clouded Drab. However, the above specimen is a female, so lacks this particular field mark.

Upper Caldecote Garden 12-03-2012- 12 of 5 species-

2182    Orthosia cruda Small Quaker 2
2185    Orthosia populeti Lead-coloured Drab 1    NFY
2187    Orthosia cerasi Common Quaker 2
2188    Orthosia incerta Clouded Drab 1
2190    Orthosia gothica Hebrew Character 6


  1. Hi Matt, I'm an Enthusiast! Heheheh, I knew I would get it in somewhere...Taxi!

  2. Two years in the making.............and it was worth the wait. The Comedy Store beckons!!