Monday, October 31, 2011

Home and Away. 30/10

Although warm, the wind persists. This renders the garden pretty useless at this time of year and as a concequence, only three moths were recorded- Yellow-line Quaker, Pale Mottled Willow and a Feathered Thorn.
I chose to dump a battery powered Twin Actinic/BLB Skinner in Home Wood. The salvaged 40 amp car battery certainly keeps the lights burning bright, still going strong after 13 hours. A good night temperature wise with a steady 15°C throughout, just a shame the wind was at times a little gusty.

New for the year and very common in Home Wood.

The result- Home Wood- 71 of 8 species-
  • 0658 Carcina quercana 1 
  • 1048 Acleris variegana Garden Rose Tortrix 1
  • 1795x Epirrita dilutata agg. November Moth agg. 6
  • 1795 Epirrita dilutata November Moth 6- Gen Det A. Banthorpe
  • 1796 Epirrita chistyi Pale November Moth 8- Gen Det A Banthorpe 
  • 1923 Colotois pennaria Feathered Thorn 6 
  • 2227 Asteroscopus sphinx Sprawler 14 
  • 2245 Allophyes oxyacanthae Green-brindled Crescent 21-  5 of which ab. Capucina 
  • 2258 Conistra vaccinii Chestnut 6 
  • 2262 Agrochola circellaris Brick 2

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  1. A very rare species in Northumberland Matt, only known from one regular site...I keep hoping!