Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Winding up to Spring!.....15/03

Yes it looks like Spring is finally on it's way with an impressive 10 moths of 7 species. New this year was 1 0f 2 Emmelina Monodactyla found in the trap, as well as a Garden 1st Clouded Drab (top photo). The list is as follows- All in the 30w Twin, the 8w portable in the more exposed area of the garden blanked!
  1. Clouded Drab- 1(top)
  2. Satellite- 1 (middle)
  3. Common Quaker- 1
  4. Dotted Border- 2 (bottom)
  5. Emmelina Monodactyla- 2 (click for photo)
  6. Agonopterix Heracliana- 2
  7. Micro?- 1 Awaiting ID...........

The micro is probably an Acleris hastiana, but is impossible to tell without dissection! Many thanks David.

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