Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The master of disguise........

A bit of a dodgy photo, but this is the extremely variable Acleris hastiana from the 15th. Apparently there are over 120 recognised forms! No wonder I needed some expert help from David Manning.

NB....... Bradley (1973) says........"an almost infinite number of combinations of the forms with
longitudinal and transverse markings are found and include .......figs17-20"

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  1. Hi there Matt

    Nice Blog and thanks for the welcome.

    I've added you to my Blog list so your updates will appear as of now.

    Some nice Moths, Acleris hastiana i've only had once, a very worn example though.
    I was unaware of there being 120 forms! I know Acleris cristana has over 125.

    Anyway keep up the good trapping and nice to see your Blog.