Monday, March 1, 2010

UV or not UV, that is the question.........

Whilst recovering from a knee operation, I have decided to upgrade my existing trap. The single 15w externally mounted light fitting has now been removed and a twin 15w gear tray has been installed into a compartment inside the trap. Luckily, Lionel (We are the Campions) managed to acquire these trays on his latest Tescos overhaul.
After extending all of the circuits with bell wire it was possible to connect just the lamp holders onto a spring loaded contraption to hold both tubes. I have kept the 15w 350BL Actinic tube out of the old light fitting and have fitted a 15w UV filtered black tube alongside. These are relatively cheap and hopefully will increase the light spectrum emitted from the trap. There is an added advantage to suspending the tubes in that there is no light 'wastage'. With light emanating from the whole tube, it must therefore be more efficient.............well that's the theory anyway!

Let's hope the Moths approve..............

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