Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Lodge- 09-06

This was the 1st coordinated moth trapping outing RSPB's The Lodge has ever had. 10 traps located at strategic points around the reserve, manned by different trappers. Contact was kept by phone and any interesting species were texted and made available for viewing and photos etc.
Steve Blain gave out the locations and myself and Trent got the Old Heath. We set up an 80w MV bulkhead light on a tripod and an Actinic Skinner in nearby mixed woodland. We are still waiting on 7 micros which have been sent to the recorder for further analysis, so a full list will appear soon.......

799 Neofriseria singula
Our 'plum' location really paid off; this is an RDB species and is probably a 1st for VC30, the one and only other record is from 1904! 2 of these landed on the veritcal sheet and were quickly potted up!

 1442 Pempelia palumbella
This heather specialist is a 2nd for VC30 after Col Campbell caught the 1st just last week in the same location!

 Bird's Wing
2 caught on the night.

 Shoulder-striped Wainscot
Just 1 caught in the Actinic Skinner.

 True Lover's Knot
A target species- no need to worry as we caught 6.

 Pale Oak Beauty
Just 1 on the vertical sheet.

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