Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Wood/ The Lodge

Just a few of the many micro species caught in Home Wood  on 29th May. After a hour or so we started to run out of pots! So a lot of the more common identifiable moths were let go before photos.......more pots on the way before the next trip.
 246 Tinea semifulvella

417 Argyresthia spinosella

601 Elachista albifrontella

1142 Epinotia tedella

On the 29th May we took a family trip to the RSPB's headquarters to show some relatives the new trails. A largely coniferous tree covered area has now been felled and heather has been planted in large areas. Hopefully in a few years time Nightjars and Woodlarks will make a triumphant return. Louie insisted on bringing the net so whilst backs were worked the Old Heath area.......

Common Heath

Brown Silver-line

415 Argyresthia retinella

148 Nemophora degeerella
There were at least 20 of these in a nettle patch at the edge of the woodland.

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